General terms and conditions Snowlove ski touring and heli-skiing

The following terms and conditions of Snowlove apply to all ski touring programs in the Alps, Norway and Iceland, that is Europe in the geographical sense.
Please note that the GTC of our heli-skiing offers are bound to those of our helicopter operators thus divergent GTC may apply in this field. Particular reference is made to these within the scope of our offers.

Our services

Snowlove is made up of the business segments “ski school” and “alpine school.” We therefore do not offer package deals but guiding services as mountain and ski guide or ski instruction.
Hotel bills and payments made to partner companies (such as helicopter operators) are shown in a transparent manner in our offers and shall be paid directly to those businesses. Our partners are selected very carefully for their knowledge and experience. However, no guarantee can be given nor can we be held responsible for claims arising from their services. Of course, we’ll be happy to offer our advice with regard to making reservations in advance. All hotel rates quoted in our offers reflect those valid at the time our offer was submitted. Changes are the responsibility of the hotel businesses. 

Rules governing participation

Any person is welcome to participate in the guided tours and programs offered by Snowlove, provided that he/she is in good health, is adequately skilled and has the right equipment for meeting the demands of the activity as described in our travel information.  

Our guides are authorized to exclude a participant fully or partially from the scheduled program at the beginning of or during the trip, if he/she recognizes that the participant does not fulfil the required conditions. 

Until the start of the program the participant may claim another person to take his/her place inasmuch this person fulfils the required conditions. Snowlove grants the rights of the original participant’s contract to the substitute participant (including warranty and claims for compensation). If the substitute participant enters into the contract, both the original and the substitute participant are held liable for all costs incurred.

The programs are led by state-certified mountain and ski guides and certified ski instructors and ski guides. 


Die Anmeldung muss schriftlich ( E-Mail oder mittels Anmeldeformular) erfolgen. Sie wird von uns schriftlich bestätigt und ist damit verbindlich. Wir ersuchen um frühzeitige Buchung.

Reservation shall be made in writing (e-mail or registration form) and is valid after receipt of our written confirmation. We kindly ask for an early booking. 

As our heli-skiing programs sell out quickly, we recommend booking around one year in advance. Please note the differing terms and conditions according to the heli-skiing destination.


The client’s reservation requires a written confirmation from Snowlove to become legally valid. A down payment of 20 % of the full price is to be made immediately after receiving the invoice accompanyingthe booking confirmation.

The remaining amount is to be paid 8 weeks prior to commencement of the program at the latest. If the participant does not provide initial and/or final payment within the periods agreed, Snowlove is entitled to cancel the contract after having sent a written reminder setting a deadline and to charge the client with cancellation costs. 

Minimum number of participants

Basically, instruction and guiding only take place if the minimum number of participants is reached.  In the event of failure to reach the minimum number of participants specified, Snowlove reserves the right to withdraw from the contract prior to program start. Notice of withdrawal shall be given to the participant up until 30 days prior to the agreed program start at the latest. If it should become apparent at an earlier date that the minimum number of participants can not be reached, Snowlove is to make immediate use of its right to withdrawal. If the event is cancelled for this reason, any payments already made for guiding services shall be refunded without undue delay. 

Snowlove is endeavoring to carry out the scheduled event even if the agreed number of participants has not been reached, provided it is economically reasonable. If Snowlove makes use of its right of withdrawal but the client insists on the event taking place, Snowlove may submit a new offer. Hence, Snowlove has to calculate a new price, which will be submitted to the client immediately. If the client accepts the newly quoted price, a new contract is created based on which the event will be conducted.

Withdrawal by the client

In case of a client-side withdrawal prior to program start, the incurring costs, that is the thereby blocked space shall be charged in full. If a client withdraws up to 8 weeks prior to the start of the program, Snowlove is entitled to retain 20% of the down payment. Full payment for the guiding service is due within 8 weeks prior to the start of the program. The client may claim a substitute participant. In this case all rights are transferred to the substitute. 


In case of heli-skiing tours, Snowlove cooperates with different operators to make use of the existing infrastructure. This allows Snowlove to offer guiding services worldwide. Please note that the GTC of our heli-skiing offers are bound to those of our helicopter operators on the spot. Particular reference is made to these within the scope of our offers. 

Services not utilized

If a participant terminates the booked program ahead of time, for whatever reason, there will be no reimbursement for services not received.

If the client does not make use of individual services that have been duly made available to him or her for reasons attributable to him or her (e.g. premature departure), the client is not entitled to any claim for a prorated cost reimbursement of his or her booked service.

Withdrawal by Snowlove

Snowlove reserves the right to cancel its guiding programs for a variety of reasons at any time. If an event/program is cancelled by Snowlove, the participant is eligible for a reimbursement of the amount already paid by him/her.
If a program is cancelled due to security reasons of any kind (snow conditions, weather), Snowlove will offer alternative arrangements of equivalent quality however, cannot assume any liability for payments already made to subcontractors. In case the client does not accept the alternative offer, the payment made will remain in the form of a credit note which can be redeemed in the course of the following years.

Increased risk in the mountains and during guiding programs abroad 

Snowlove prepares all guiding programs and courses meticulously. However, there is no guarantee regarding summit successes or fulfillment of subjective travel goals. 

By making the reservation, the client recognizes the risks of high mountain regions (falling, rock or ice fall, avalanches, crevasse hazards, altitude sickness, frostbites etc.), that even the most considerate care and support on the part of our guides can neither reduce nor exclude. In addition, it also has to be taken into account that in mountainous environment, particularly in remote regions, rescue measures or medical assistance are possible to a very limited extent only due to technical or logistic difficulties, meaning that even small injuries or incidents may have serious consequences. A significant level of self-responsibility and caution, appropriate tour planning and a realistic self-assessment with regard to the eligibility requirements specified in the program is required from each participant. 


Sufficient insurance coverage is the responsibility of the participant. We recommend to purchase a comprehensive accident and health insurance (including risks in high mountain terrain, recovery and rescue costs) as well as travel cancellation insurance.

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